Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcome to Surf City Support

This blog is intended for companions, family members and caregivers who are helping loved ones diagnosed with depression or bipolar. Its primary focus is one of education to aid us in providing intelligent, loving support. We all want and need to learn as much as we can about these illnesses and how best to use this essential knowledge. We recognize, as part of our primary role, a commitment to the following: provide effective, healthy support to our loved one; assist him or her in becoming increasingly stable; encourage them in learning how to successfully manage their illness to prevent relapse in the future. Helping our readers in achieving and maintaining recovery for their loved ones is the ultimate goal of this blog…recovery for everyone.

We are not physicians or mental health professionals. Our aim is sharing knowledge which contributes to our stated goal of recovery. The information provided in this blog is not a replacement for medical diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. It is always recommended that a professional be consulted before changing any treatment or altering any medically recommended program.

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