Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Establishing Trust

There are few things as important for a companion or family member in helping a loved one who has a brain illness than having successfully established trust. It is essential. It may even help save a loved one’s life.

When a person is in a depressive state the recommended and necessary tasks of finding a doctor, receiving a correct diagnosis, taking helpful medication, finding an effective therapist and attending the right support group can be insurmountable obstacles for someone in the grips of a serious disease.

Having a strong and supportive companion, family member or caregiver who understands the negative and often defeatist attitudes this illness causes can forestall inaction and minimize or even prevent any worsening of the symptoms. This loving work depends on trust. Without it there are few words, warnings or threats that are going to realistically move a loved one in the direction of eventual meaningful recovery. When an unbreakable bond of trust is in place, a family member or companion can almost always encourage, motivate and move a loved one toward receiving help.

The world is full of people who have allowed themselves to be led to healing, thanks to an unbreakable bond of trust.
It may be one of love’s most vital links.

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