Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Knowing Our Limits

Something all of us experience at one time or another are the challenges that can occur when we take on more than we’re able to handle. While these are often viewed as disappointments if not defeats, they may also be great teachers. Discovering and recognizing our limits can mean the difference between going out too far (and needing help to get back) or remaining on solid ground and keeping our sure footing (to be able to do whatever may be required).

Knowing our limitations helps us to focus on what we know we can do and gather the energy we need at the place and time it‘s needed. With our capabilities very much in mind, we may then:

  • Examine the situation or challenge and thoroughly think the matter through
  • Plan for the possibilities of unknown occurrences
  • Expect the unexpected and prepare for them
  • Do our very best…always
  • Exceed our expectations

For those of us caring for someone with bipolar or depression, it is important that we stay in good health. Our loved ones need us and may look to us to provide needed guidance and support when the challenges of their recovery become overwhelming. It’s vital that we’re able to provide the needed guidance and leadership whenever and wherever it is needed. Taking proper care of ourselves and respecting our own limits should be the goal of every companion. We never know when we’re going to be called upon, so always be ready to help.

Knowing our limits and staying grounded in our role of an effective and successful family member, caregiver or companion will help us to be ready for whatever’s next, regardless of what that may be.

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